Tuesday, October 18, 2011

To give some time to the other blog...

The Corinthian Chimaera Painter's Louvre lion plate
To give some time to the other blog, Opera Nobilia
Even without changing my mind, I don't want to leave the most recent posting here in Teegee: Essays an uncommonly negative review.  I know about the history of the Guthrie theater, and I can't imagine why they did what I reviewed.  To my astonishment, people keep reading it.  Well, sometimes it is necessary to say what one really thinks.  I would add only that I have no objection to making "A Comedy of Errors" (itself reworked from Plautus's "Menaechmi") into "The Boys from Syracuse", let alone taking "West Side Story" from "Romeo and Juliet", just to name two familiar examples, or even to Peter Sellars' putting Mozart into Manhattan and the Bronx.  The question is, whether it works, and, if it doesn't, why not, what is wrong?

I have been worrying over what I want to say about Economics and what I get from reading Theoretical Physics.  I keep reading and trying not to misunderstand (for, you know, I have practically no math).
I have a sense of the necessity of understanding both, at least as well as I can.  It matters, just as much as the arts matter.  But I need to think a week or so more before trying either subject.

But I promised to write something about Greek vase-painting, for Opera Nobilia, the subject that I do know something about, and I need time to find images that are not copyright and yet are not too poor to post publicly.  I have hundreds of images, but they are scattered in four computers and their external drives, and after I have found some which are usable, I have to decide what they might illustrate.  Since I took them myself, they are not just a lot of Examples.  And, so far as an introduction to the subject is concerned, I can list half a dozen basic books.

At the head of this posting, I share a plate that was in my MA thesis, which I shall not discuss now, fifty-five years later.  This Louvre plate re-oxidized in firing; that is why the glaze-paint that would be black is in this case red.