Monday, May 2, 2011

What a weekend!

Catastrophic tornados.  Members of Qaddafi's family killed.  Royal Wedding (no mishaps, and the same beautiful horses and Edward VII landau, besides a solidly classic Anglican sermon on marriage), Beatification of John Paul II (I prefer Giovanni XXIII and Vatican II), Death and Burial at Sea of Osama bin Laden.  Great crowds in popular demonstrations, successively in London, Rome, and Washington / New York City.  English, Polish, and US American flags displayed successively.  God, irrespective of particulars of each celebration, made accountable for whatever, such as a lady happening not to be at home when her house was swept away.  Simplicity of popular reactions and never-ending complexity of the darker side of human nature always increasingly bewildering.  Though I am as remote as can be from royal families (even when they major in art history), I can't help but hope for a long union as sound as, for example, that of Elizabeth II's parents for her grandchildren.  It would be good for the British Public .  The royal family serves Identity (those whom it doesn't serve don't need that so much); I should be glad if my own nation did not have to rely on Ford's Theater, the Alamo, Pearl Harbor, and the Twin Towers instead. How much do Americans actually yearn for a constitutional First Family of their own?  I don't know.  I don't understand very well anything from this weekend's news.  I don't see how deserving to die or not has any relevance to death, and I am offended by considering one's own tribe's deaths as more important than other tribes' deaths.  On the other hand, I have to admit to being more comforted by Canterbury's homily than by Rome's.  That is an aspect of my elective culture, of course.
As when the USSR came apart, I can't help but worry (if I allow myself the luxury) about the aftermath of this weekend.
Now, why is it that once again, after more than a half century, I revert to the avoidance of wrong, so far as I can, as the nearest I can come to good?  See last two posts.