Saturday, May 28, 2011

The accidental triad, put to use

On May 5 I posted a snapshot of three short logs that some neighbors had put out with the trash.
Reminded that, despite my age, I could move them if I simply rolled them, I did so:
Rolled onto my parking pad
And a younger friend, Amber, moved them for me; perhaps Buster the Cat could, like the Three Bears in the Goldilocks story, eat from them.  The next afternoon, just one week ago, I saw him curled up asleep on the largest one, but he moved when he saw the camera: it flashes.
Triad of logs positioned beside the deck
I thought that if I put out cat food there he would discover it.  Since he patrols his territory very thoroughly, I'm sure he did, but he wasn't the only one.  Does everyone know that birds love cat kibble?

Cat food put on the logs never lasts more than a couple of hours.

And it isn't only blue jays and crows; smaller birds come, too.  On my front porch I saw the pair of cardinals calmly consuming Purina Cat Chow–and they have little grosbeaks for cracking nuts.
I never am quick enough with my camera.  The closest I came was in trying to photograph one of the grey squirrels, but just as I raised the viewer to my eye he was up on the shelf afforded him by my neighbor's privacy fence.
Four feet above the logs, the squirrel (I made the inset to help you see him)
Click on the pictures to zoom them.
This post is for my friend Nina, who immediately also saw the logs as an aniconic triad and liked them.  She has been ill, and I hope she'll be better soon.