Monday, March 14, 2011

Officially an invasive pest

Lygodium japonicum, climbing fern, imported in the 1930s, now an invasive weed, which no semi-tropical winter can kill.  What you see it did overnight, and even the hardy crêpe myrtle suffers from it.
When I came here I called the stuff bind weed and noticed that it was murder also to the siding on houses.  But the University of Florida knows what it is.  It is sort of pretty, but so is "Queen Anne's Lace".
It is currently 76°F. (or 24°C.) and, with a very few camellias still on the top of their tree, everything else is burgeoning.  Bulbs are coming up.  Weeds, needless to say, abound (but I don't mind clover and its kin).  I wouldn't even mind lygodium, if it weren't so rampant.
I will make a bet: by the equinox instead of timid little buds (and the red growth just unfurled this morning) there will be whole branches of white roses.