Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just one month later.

23 March 2011.  No more tulip magnolias; the tree will be green until late autumn.  And I lost my wager that the rose would bloom by the equinox (it does have plenty of buds).

Having begun documenting the blooming sequence at this latitude (about 31° N.) and on the Gulf of Mexico (well, just where the continental shelf ends and from here south is alluvial), I thought I might post a couple of snapshots, since the light was very good.  My English friends are better art photographers of nature than I am, but if you live in North Dakota you can take these as a promise of Spring to come.
23 March 2011.  The young orange tree is next door.  It has several oranges still (the rest having been picked)  and if you know where to look at lower left you can see a bee collecting nectar.  Anyway, here are the kind of buds and blossoms that, made by hand, are used on brides' veils.