Saturday, June 10, 2017

Epilogue, esp. to Post of March 18, 2017

Enough of politics and banking!
Not that learning about all that, better late than never, but I cannot even keep up with what I've realized, and there is no way that I could learn (and judge what I've read) enough to offer advice to you all, most of whom know more than I do.  It is not that I am surprised by Money being more shocking than reading a few spy novels years ago taught me, and of course I am too old to be shocked to read that all nations, apparently, are engaged in covert actions (and of course I don't have to believe everything that I read, but surely we all can respect all thoughtful opinions), but the current specialists don't realize even as much as I do about knavery as well as sanctity through the ages; some even write that it all began with the CIA!
But with everything falling apart, why add my bit?
Let's just have the grace to realize that our readers can work it out alone (and, for that matter, what one learns from others must be struggled through each by himself).
I just mustn't pontificate on what I have yet to digest.
Only, in the primary sense of the word, I am, of course, a liberal.  And I owe a debt to give most to the arts that have given me the most.