Sunday, December 22, 2013

Government at Evergreen St., Season's Greetings

Government Street Decked at Christmas 

At 2337 Government Street.  This is so much grander than the bungalows around it.
This cannot be, I think, nearly as old as the façades in New Orleans that it emulates, but decked out for Christmas and attended by its huge palms it becomes glorious.  Behind the façade is a large capacious house of, I guess, about a century ago.  I don't know who owns it (the realtors' pages on line don't say more than that it is a single family dwelling), but they take good care of the garden as well as the house,  and it deserves being the vehicle of Season's Greetings to all here of every faith.  In fact, Government Street, once the main E-W street, is well suited to represent us all, having something of everything in Baton Rouge.