Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kindle Literature

The Kindle, over my shoulder

You can guess the book, probably, but certainly the subject matter.
Nowadays I usually buy beautiful books in hard cover, hard copy, but when my old eyes have hundreds of pages to read, the Kindle is what makes it possible.

I wouldn't have you think that I'm just an esthete or just a someone studying houses.  I do read lots of books that I really OUGHT to read.  I always have read them, and some periodicals, if they seem to be worthwhile.  I'll even download a complete Shakespeare when I realize that I know absolutely nothing about Richard II, and Holinshed for good measure.

Economics, however, has next to no pictorial interest!  I don't count statistical charts as pictorial.

So this post occurred to me.  Politics is mind-boggling, but economics, whether in the first age of monetization or today, is fundamental and interesting. 

Besides, with a writer so good that the book is a leading contender for the National Book Award, I usually try to read the books.  So this one.

And I really am glad that the famous Bull is staying where he is; I like that statue.