Sunday, February 5, 2012

A modest Royal note

Though I cannot claim to be a faithful watcher of the British Royal Family, as one whose entire childhood in the 1930s and through World War II included so much about the Princesses, I had to notice something I never imagined seeing: a Diamond Jubilee.  I suppose that as a child I thought it was something that Queen Victoria celebrated when my grandparents were young.
Without fantasizing about the Queen, I have to admire her wholeheartedly.  It seems to me that she possesses the grace and earnest modesty of her parents.  And, though I am younger than she is, I do belong to the same generation, even though American, and have some notion of the changes that persons of all sorts have watched and adjusted to during a lifetime of more than three quarters of a century.
I see that there will be celebrations next summer, doubtless televised, but the actual anniversary date has made me recall many events, many images--in short, the history of about three quarters of a century.