Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pheasant Refuge in Epiros

Pheasants at Xirovouni (Dry Mountain) at Ioannina

I subscribe to a couple of Greek blogs, one of which is a newspaper at Igoumenitsa, called Thesprotia News.  They keep me in touch with all the local and regional, as well as general, news of a country that I love, things that never make it into the BBC or CNN or, usually, even Public Broadcasting System.  I enjoy other bloggers' photos from English wildlife preserves, for example, but seldom succeed in photographing any here (brown pelicans keep eluding me).  So I hope Thesprotia News won't mind my sharing this one of theirs,, which at a glance says (in case you don't know modern Greek) this was sent in support of the wildlife refuge by the Sklivani Mountaineering Club.  There's a page-long article.  I'd like everyone to know that Greece is as fond of birdwatching and devoted to conservation as any country you can name.  And the perdika, which retains its ancient name, is as pretty a bird as can be found.