Monday, July 19, 2010

Cross-referenced images

From a room in Athens, Hotel Cecil

The reason I have so few photos to go with this one is that I didn't have the sense to take it for its own sake. It owes every virtue that it may have to French post-impressionist paintings, mostly those of Matisse, my favorite, done on the Côte d'Azur. It was taken in black and white because that was the film in my camera at the time. I have other pictures of Athena Street, which I should gather into an album. The Central Market is there and (at least until a decade ago) dozens of small shops of every imaginable kind. I was looking for my picture of the fishmonger's humor in wrapping two arms of a big octopus around an ouzo bottle. I'll post that and some others in a separate post.
This photo would have looked even more French in color, with the shutters being green, the tiles dull red, the stucco buff tan, the plant light yellow green, the metal of course black to prevent rust. But I like it as it is.
Modern Sparta, at least early modern Sparta, also has lots of French influence, but I think the Hotel Cecil simply has Mediterranean tall windows with shallow balconies and shutters.
I do miss going to Athens almost every year. It is the only place I love more than California.