Friday, April 10, 2009

Famiy: siblings as of 1941

"Linda's birth announcement.  These pictures, understandably, did not exist in independent album prints: they are singularly unappealing, and Daddy would have been unhappy with them.  They do show, however, the  apple green taffeta dresses made for Lorna and me for the previous Easter, and Lorna's beloved cowboy boots, which came in one of the hand-me-down parcels from a cousin (Nancy?), and Brucie, about age 2, still in something like rompers.  They were taken in front of the brick wall around Henry Faulstich's house, so possibly Gramps rather than Daddy took them."
The text pasted here is the File Info attached to the image.

No more personal pages.  But here are the dramatis personae in some of their earliest pictures, from top l.: the author at one month, her sister at five weeks, their brother at three months, their listtle sister, the one born at the beginning of 1941, at two weeks.  Babies are babies.  My brother, by the way, is sitting on the brown plaid upholstery of the pseudo-mission style sofa at 644.  Somewhere already I have observed that, so far as memory and school experience were concerned, the younger two belonged to the next generation.