Friday, July 13, 2018

The gift of Genetics: sanity in the midst of Current News

My emphasis on my outdated genetics brought me a wonderful birthday gift, the Kindle edition of Richard Dawkins recent book.  It came from a friend young enough to have been one of my last students (actually, his mother was one of my last graduate students), but he must have been shocked by my ignorance, only a little exaggerated (better that than gobbledygook).  Dawkins saved my sanity, and he writes so well.  So now I've downloaded Darwin himself; it has been his original Origin of Species that I'd left unread.  No matter how old, it has all the honesty and thoughtfulness (and he too wrote so well) that I need.  I'll just Publish this note for now.  And again thank Cian for giving me the credit to profit so richly in old age from reading Dawkins.